Friday, November 20, 2009

Benefits to Shopping Locally

Here are a few good reasons to consider shopping at Rhody Craft 100 - apart from the fabulous handmade goodness we offer.

At Rhody Craft 100, the person at the register is also one of our artists. You will receive top shelf customer service and all of your questions about the work in the store can be answered by the artist, herself.

Our artists probably listen to the same NPR station that you do. We pride ourselves on being 100% local.

Items made locally reduce our community's carbon footprint. Most of the materials used in the goods sold at Rhody Craft 100 were purchased at the local level and many of our items are eco-friendly and made from recycled materials.

We support Providence Everett Dance Theater, an after-school performing arts program that provides professional arts training for Providence's youth.

Local shops value your business more.

Shopping local allows you to stimulate your local economy.

Local shops give you choices you don't have at the big chain stores.

Local shops add character and uniqueness to our community.

Painting by Deb Hickey

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