Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cute as a Button

Through the years, I have collected fabric, linens, lace, buttons, hand embroidery and crocheted items. The beauty of the fabric and buttons are what inspire me. Whether it is new or vintage, every piece has its own special unique touch or as I refer to it, a “lasting attachment”.
- Renee Martin

True Blue

My work is informed by images of people that strike me, vintage objects, rich pattern, bright and muted colors, and domesticity in general.
- Racheal Lochner

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rhody Proud

For all you Rhody Girls looking for more ways to represent, Melissa Cimini has you covered!

Guess Hue!

I am a painter, acrylic and watercolor mostly. I recently started painting on clothing with fabric paint and I love it. Wearable, functional art for yourself or a baby in your life!
- Lynsey Vanderbeck

Keeping It Green

Leanne Tremblay's current work is handwoven from organic and sustainable materials to create fashion and home accessories, including scarves for men and women, clutch handbags, throw rugs, hand towels, pillows, and organic lavender sachets.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Crafty Gilmore

I consider crafting my own personal form of expression and derive a great deal of joy in the process involved with each craft. I never know what direction my next project will take me!
- Kim Gilmore

Home Grown Suds

Inspired by the methods used by past generations we began making all natural bath products. We include natural herbal ingredients utilizing their healing properties for both the body and the spirit. Our products do not contain preservatives, fillers, animal or petroleum products.
- Joy Schuyler

Vintage with a Twist

My work is influenced by the art of Romance Comic Books of the Sixties and Seventies, Advertising Art, Pop Art, Mod Art, TV and Film Themes and Anime Illustration.
- Joanne DeLomba

Cinch Up Your Felt

All Felt Sutra pieces are made entirely by hand using ancient feltmaking techniques – they are built rather than sewn. Beginning with natural fleece, both the material and the item are made at once in a meditative, sculptural process which involves just soap, water and the artist.
- Janice Kissinger

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Perfect Harmony

I handcraft each piece of jewelry in my Rhode Island studio using reclaimed precious metals, hand blown glass and ethically sourced gemstones. I use traditional metalsmithing techniques in my process such as fusing, forging and fabrication.
- Harmony Winters

When You're Strange

Greg Strange offers functional wood art such as bowls, vases, cutting boards, shaving kits, wine stoppers and more!


In January of 2007, I quit my job, cashed in my 401K, sold my car, and decided I was going to be a traveling artist. Somehow it worked out.
- Illustrator Eric Sturtevant

Let Me Count the Clays

Working with clay serves as my meditative process in life. It grounds me and it is gratifying to create something solid from a mixture of earth. With my ceramics I explore the relationships between color, image and form. I manipulate clay into sculptural objects as well as everyday functional ware.
- Elizabeth Benotti

Thursday, April 18, 2013

In the Pink

I started designing things for little ones and their parents and caregivers. I've branched out with a few more "grown up" items lately, but I still have a focus on eco-friendly, stylish handmade things that make venturing out into the real world with baby in tow easier and more organized.
- Beth Rosa

Belt it Out

With a passion for adornment, I began making belts and other bits a few years ago. I love fabric and all the exciting colors and designs that are available. Finding ways to bring fabrics to life can make an otherwise hum-drum pair of jeans or a t-shirt have zing. Belts are such an easy way to add zing and color to your every day jeans. Enjoy.
- Andrea Combes

The Latest Dish

These aprons are based on the premise that the dish towel is never in the right place and that our pants are not the best place to wipe our hands!
- Amy Coon

Feminine Finds

"Our collection strikes a beautiful balance between simplicity and femininity with a modern aesthetic. With a keen eye for colors, textures and shapes, we strive to make jewelry that is unique and elegant yet wearable."
- Ame Cutter