Sunday, November 11, 2012

Good Humor

I design jewelry out of cast away vintage gems and inspiring items from the recycling bin. I always create with reuse and color in mind. I love giving new life to old objects with a twist of whimsy and humor.
-Mei-Ling Uliasz

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good Wood

We want to make better wooden toys. That means better design, better materials, and more attention to detail. Our toys are made to promote creativity and imagination in an unconstrained and open way.  
-Hannah Beem Blackburn


I love flea markets. Old, dented, battered, patinated and beglittered elements are just my kind of thing. Combining these possibly neglected elements into fresh designs is my dream come true. Access to vintage, new, unused, jewelry stock and interesting, purposeful objects allows for happy blending experiments. The emergence of fresh combinations from my hands and pliers allows me to fulfill my lifelong interest in gardening without killing any plants. In this way, recycled, repurposed, organic compositions and artistic intentions coincide. 
-Wendy Baker

Friday, November 9, 2012

Rock On

Beads intrigue me: their simplicity, uniqueness, and stories. The beads I use come from around the world, so you may find a piece of amber from Poland complimenting a glass bead from Indonesia. Each silver link is made by hand, using pliers, hammers, fingers, and patience.
- Melissa Rocklen

A Stitch in Time

I’ve designed a line of cross stitch accessories in unconventional materials like wood, leather, and acrylic. I adore the idea of combining the traditional art of cross stitch with unexpected and modern materials. The result is a collection of pieces that are fun and easy to stitch, and let you show off your creativity in new and exciting ways.
- Susan Fitzgerald

Waxing Poetic

Ann Marie Popko creates gorgeous encaustic works of art.

Monkey Business

Every character that has been brought to life on paper is caught in an intrinsically profound moment that is at the crux of their entire life.

- Aaron Kovalcsik

Modern Love

Veronica Plante knits delightful clothing and accessories for little ones!

Be Still My Beating Art

Molly Kugler Dickinson is a fine artist and illustrator specializing in portraiture, landscape natural science illustration.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Glass Appeal

I am a stained glass and sea glass artisan, trained in the classic Tiffany method of design and construction. In my work, pure sea glass meets beautiful, ocean inspired hues of stained glass and they fall in love!

- Lynne Lovely

On a Lark

Colleen Ellse believes in the hand-made, careful centuries-old craft, and creating work that celebrates the human experience.

Hands On

Kreatelier's ever-expanding signature product line, all made locally, includes quilts, storage cases, headbands, car organizers, reusable gift wraps and much more!

Knock on Wood

Check out Providence artist,  Jenna Goldberg's unique wooden jewelry!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Year, New Look!

Rhody Craft 100 has re-opened and is more spectacular than ever! The shop space has recently been renovated and has expanded! More delightful handmade products are now on the shop floor and ready for the bustling holiday season. Shoppers can make selections from 17 amazing local artists!

The shop is open during the festive wintertime farmer's market (Saturdays, 10 AM - 3PM and Wednesdays, 4PM - 7PM).

The shop will also be open during CRAFTOPIA on November 11th, 10AM - 4PM!

You See your Gypsy

There's really nothing better than making something pretty from something that would normally just be discarded in the trash and never seen again. Giving new life to old things is so rewarding - and fun! And it's the best way I know of being green!
-Nancy Rafi

Let it Flow

Dev enjoys pieces that capture movement, either literally or as an image of flow. The transformation of a heavy, dense thing - metal - into one that moves with the body or molds to its curves, is a challenging project. The surprise of wearing a large, extravagant earring that moves so lightly is part of her attraction to this type of jewelry.

Dig It

The objects that I incorporate in my jewelry are century-old ceramic pieces that were thrown away, left to earth, and slowly altered by natural processes. Every shard that had been dug from the ground is excitingly different. Many steps occur from the time of the initial discovery of a shard to the finished product. through this process, I am representing the transformation of trash into treasure. By presenting these discarded ceramic shards as an art form, I am revealing the beauty that the pieces once had and giving them a new purpose- to be worn.

- Chelsea Miller