Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spin a Yarn

Ana Campos pieces are often inspired by literature, mythology, geekery, and her 
general bookish tendencies.

In Stitches

Teresa Levy's stuffed creations are popping with cuteness!

Hot Botties

It's hard not to love Sarah Edmond's super awesome stuffed robots!

Retro Glow

Grace Fitzpatrick fashions unique, upcycled lamps made from vintage Thermos bottles, Tupperware, and classic retro found objects.

Casting Call

Brenda, Maggie & Melissa keep the dead alive with their unique castings from 17th-21st century gravestones found in cemeteries throughout the New England region.

Come Sail Away

Hoist Away Bags
We rescue old, abandoned sails and give them a second wind to be used on land, air or sea.
- Laura Cleminson

Snazzy Swag

All of Chikako Mukai's designs are inspired by a combination of her Asian heritage and her Western upbringing. Check out her unique handbags, accessories, clothing, men's neckties and infant clothing!

Full Cycle

Lisa Perry's upcycled clothing is reconstructed into one of a kind garments.
Each item is a unique, wearable art piece!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doggie Delights

Your pooch will love the delicious treats crafted by Kathleen Becker!

For the Little Ones

Edie & Fin
Any child would be happy to don Meghan Bergstrom's sweet accessories!

Glaze a Trail

Much of the work is about textures that that satiate the human sense of touch with a bumpy surface, a fun protuberance, or a glassy smoothness layered over a matte surface.  The other part of the work speaks to contrasts in color; pairing a gentle blue glaze with accents of vibrant red or a cool turquoise lay under a warm amber brown glaze.
-Liz Rodriguez

Oodles of Doodles

Artist Courtney Autumn Martin calls her abstract paintings "doodles" because that's precisely what they are: paintings and drawings composed entirely without premeditated composition, color, or form. We call them amazing.

Creature Feature

Kenneth Kudulis, Jr. is the genius behind kudu-la, a collection adorable and super fun creatures in fun and unexpected scenes!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Food! Food! Food!

We are super jazzed about this month's Spring Craftopia Show! As always, we will be bringing you lots of culinary delights to enjoy before, during or after you shop.

Savor Steve Demeter's amazing locally roasted coffee and the decadence of Sweet Lydia's sinful treats. Additionally, there will be food trucks steaming with lots of fresh, local delights!